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YWCA Helena stands

with Transgender Montanans

Our voice is a crucial part of this work.

Your voice is a crucial part of this work.

With our mission and community in mind, we stand in support of Montana State Representative Zephyr in her efforts to highlight the realities for non-binary and transgender individuals and communities.


YWCA Helena stands strong in its mission to bringing us closer in ensuring peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. As we endeavor with you to raise the voice of those who are silenced, we wholeheartedly encourage you to engage in the below actions. We've attached a resource at the bottom of this email to help you  interrupt  language and behaviors that exclude transgender and queer individuals.

Here are a few ways you can act:

  • Join the rally planned for MONDAY at the Capitol to express your support for transgender Montanans.

  • Send a Message to Speaker Regier here and share your concerns about how transgender Montanans being treated. Share that you stand with Rep. Zyphyr in her efforts to share from her own experience how these policies will effect the lives of our transgender neighbors.

  • Support Rep. Zoe Zephyr in her efforts and share your encouragement with her using the same form.

  • Sign this petition that a number of LGBTQIA+ and ally organizations are promoting to show Montanans want  all of our voices to be heard.

  • Donate Now. You can either donate directly to the organizations below, or donate to YWCA Helena

TransVisible Montana


The Western Montana LGBTQ+ Community Center


YWCA Helena stands with you as we actively interrupt hate and ideas that don’t include us all.

The YWCA Racial Justice Challenge is Now Live 

The Racial Justice Challenge is your chance to address systemic racism head on. Build your own tools for dealing with issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership.

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