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Innovative. And solutions-seeking.


YWCA Helena is determined to prevent homelessness. We provide safe and supportive housing for women and children experiencing homelessness, and providing services that restore hope, self-sufficiency, and happy and healthy lives.


YWCA Helena one of three building partners in a housing project situated on 9.8 acres within Helena city limits. The project is innovative and the first of its kind in the state. Deemed the “ORLC Project” because it is located on Our Redeemers Lutheran Church property, the project brings together YWCA Helena for a planned 20-25 high efficiency transitional and supportive apartments, Rocky Mountain Development Council for 78 homes of subsidized family apartments in six different buildings, and Habitat for Humanity for 33 homes to be built for ownership on land permanently placed in trust so all homes stay affordable in perpetuity.


YWCA Helena envisions this project being an extension of the crisis housing that WINGS provides. One of the chief hurdles we experience for women transitioning to community living is affordable and safe housing for their next step. With this project, we are hoping to create solutions for a community housing crisis and extend our data-driven model of care for women and children. Families can experience success on their road to restoring hope, self-sufficiency, and happy and healthy lives given the right resources.


To find out more information about this innovative and community-responsive project check out the Preliminary Architectural Report (PAR)

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