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Abbie Cziok



Board President

We are fortunate to live in the Helena community.

This last year saw the return of our in-person Benefit Breakfast, where we were encouraged by women who have had their lives changed by YWCA. Members of the WINGS program continue to teach us about resilience, grace, and the importance of community. The Breakfast allowed us the opportunity to meet others in Helena who are also dedicated to making it a more supportive, welcoming place.


We’ve been able to watch the Caterpillars Clubhouse take on its greater potential, creating a space where kids can grow and learn with the assistance of trauma-informed support. Parents can address their daily responsibilities without worrying about the safety of their kids. The work of parents living at YWCA Helena and in our community are also supported by our Caterpillar Program, giving unmatched opportunities to create life-changing family bonds.


Even with these exciting developments, homelessness and the lack of availability of mental health care continue to be a growing problem, one that YWCA Helena remains committed to addressing. We invite you to partner with us and join our mission to help women and children in our community establish stable, fulfilling lives.

Becky Lawson


Architect, SMA Architects

Building Committee

My Why:

I support the YWCA because I believe that everyone deserves a safe, comfortable, and foundational space to live, recover, and strive for a new beginning.  The environment that a person is in affects goals, thoughts, and emotional well-being. With the staff provided such amazing services at the YWCA, my strength is in seeing how I can help with space that supports these services.  

Sam Offerdahl


Public Relations Manager and Senior Account Manager, Windfall, Inc.

Resource Development Committee

My Why:

YWCA Helena helps fill a critical need in our community for people who need it most. I serve because I believe in the YWCA Helena's mission at my core.

Kim Feig


Faculty, Helena College
-- Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Strategist --- Grant Writer, Hayse Group

Executive and Program Committees 

My Why:

The YWCA’s reach in this community extends well beyond the walls of its historic building as they not only advocate for individuals and families but they advocate within systems and structures for a better, more equitable Helena. Knowing that I can support the YWCA’s mission to empower women and promote justice and dignity for all, drives my work on the board. 

Tess Zarnowski


Therapist, Cornerstone Counseling

Program Committee 

My Why:

I serve on the YWCA board because I believe everyone deserves safe places to heal and grow. The YWCA Helena mission embodies values of empowerment and equity that I see as essential in our community.

Melissa Schlichting


Attorney, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Governance and Nominations Committees

My Why:

YWCA’s services to Indigenous women and children are what originally drew me to the Y. More recently I am inspired to be on the Board by the innovative programs and services — especially Caterpillars Clubhouse’s therapeutic childcare. 

Zoe Barnard


Senior Advisor, Manatt Health

Program and Finance Committees

My Why:

Homelessness and substance use disorder are public health issues that we must address locally and nationally. YWCA addresses needs in our community in an innovative way without losing sight of the bigger picture-the need for equity and inclusion.

Join the mission of creating real change

for women in our community.

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