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Behavioral Health Peer Support Specialist (BHPSS)

$15.00 - $18.00 per hour, based on experience. This is a non-exempt position.

This position is part of a team responsible for providing peer support services to persons with mental illness and/or substance abuse problems. The Peer Support Specialist promotes client self-determination and decision-making. In consultation with the YWCA Helena program team and agency therapeutic staff, the Peer Support Specialist will model competency in recovery and maintaining ongoing wellness. S/He will help clients set and achieve meaningful goals in the areas of mental health, substance use recovery, education, daily living skills, relationships, productivity, and leisure. Service provision will focus on working with clients to enhance and sustain their recovery.  The Peer Support Specialist assists YWCA Helena clients either individually or in groups.

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Caterpillars Childcare Supervisor

$18.00 – $23.00 per hour

A crucial and integral component of YWCA Helena’s work includes the Caterpillars Center. Caterpillars was established to offer respite childcare for women working on their recovery and self-sufficiency. It became evident that about 70% of the women YWCA served either had children who were in their custody or with whom they wished to reunite. Caterpillars now serves as the parenting support for women in recovery, provides supervised parenting time for non-custodial parents, facilitates safe exchanges, and provides parenting coaching and classes as well as children’s mental health services.  The person who fills this role will launch a trauma-informed and responsive childcare center to support children who have experienced trauma, exhibit challenging behaviors, and may be unable to participate in typical community-based childcare. 


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