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Parenting Center

YWCA’s Caterpillars Parenting Center focuses on giving tools to help moms and dads succeed in their role as parents. 

Caterpillars Parenting Center offers the following services:


Parenting Classes

Eight-week courses offered on an oncoming basis. Circle of Security and Love and Logic Classes aim to provide simple and effective strategies for parenting children, at any age.

Supervised Parenting and Parent Coaching

Supervised parenting offers non-custodial parents the opportunity to visit their children in a safe, controlled environment, following individual's parenting plan guidelines.

Safe Exchange

Safe Exchange allows parents to transfer a child back and forth without having to be in contact with one another, either by choice or court order. Caterpillars staff will work with each parent individually to establish the schedule if one is not already set up in a parenting plan.

All services are CPS and Court approved. To learn more, refer families or access YWCA Helena's Caterpillars Parenting Center services call 406.442.8774 (204 or 213) or email

Caterpillars Parenting Center services are provided free of charge
to residents of YWCA Helena and the community at large.

Caterpillars offers child-focused services that assist in the continued contact

between non-custodial parents and their children.

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