YWCA Helena is a non-profit organization providing transitional housing and supportive services for homeless women and their children.


501 North Park Ave.

Helena, Montana 59601

(406) 442-8774


Monday – Friday

8:00 am – 4:00 pm


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YWCA Helena provides security, confidence and stability for women and children in Helena, Montana.

We host a 12-room program for women and children experiencing homelessness and a 12-room program focused on women in chemical dependency recovery. We serve up to 24 women (and their children) in any given moment. We offer a safe, comfortable, and confidential place for parents and children to build positive relationships.


Women Initiating New Growth and Stability (WINGS) is a 12 bed, residential sober living facility that provides stability and safety for women (and their children) who are transitioning from stories of addiction and homelessness to self-sufficiency and healthy lives.

Each WINGS participant is provided full wrap-around services such as case management and licensed therapy. 


YWCA Helena has 10 units that house low-income
women who are at risk of homelessness. These units
are designed for women who earn below 50% of area median income.


YWCA Helena significantly subsidizes the rent for these units in an effort to increase affordable housing opportunities for low and very low-income women.

YWCA HOME units are designed to help women move beyond transitional housing and prepare

low-income women for long-term and permanent community based housing.



Caterpillars Parenting Center offers child-focused services that assist in the continued contact between non-custodial parents and their children.

Circle of Security Parenting Classes

An eight week course with each class lasting an hour to an hour and a half, provided on an individual or co-parenting basis.

Supervised Parenting Time

Supervised parenting time provides a safe, fun place for non-custodial parents and their children to spend time together. Caterpillars Parenting Director is present at all times and writes a report of what occurred during the visit while coaching the parent based on the Circle of Security® model.

Safe Exchange

Allows parents to transfer a child back and forth without having to come in contact with one another, either by choice or court order. Caterpillars Parenting Director is responsible for working with each parent individually to establish the schedule if one is not already set-up in a parenting plan.



The YWCA’s commitment to racial and social justice is one of the common threads that unites YWCAs across the country. Eliminating racism is one of the two central principles of the YWCA mission, along with the empowerment of women. And, at the core of the YWCA’s work, is the recognition that not all women, or all people, are treated equally.

Join the mission of creating real change

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